Saturday, April 17, 2010


Hogan and I played Apache last night.

It sounded familiar when he started playing it, and he showed me the bass part.

But he couldn't remember who performed it, "Jordan?" he thought.

This is the one (Tommy Seebach) I remembered, I think I found it at Know Your Meme.

Today, he said Jorgen Ingmann And His Guitar was the version he knew.

It turns out that it was written by Jerry Lordan and first popularized by The Shadows in Europe. Bert Weedon first recorded it.

*check out this sidebar - an exchange between YouTube commenters on the Shadows performance:

wftjet: English audience clapping "on-the-beat" so typical...haha

letsaveyer: whats that meant 2 mean?

wftjet: I meant that in England it's quite common for audiences to clap on the "on beat" (beats 1&3 in 4/4 time) rather than the "off-beat" that Americans and others do. Elton John once said he made a bit of fun of this in his song "Bennie and the Jets" for example where the sound effects of audience claps are "on the beat" because that's what his English audiences always did.

OnBetamax: what did you though that "beat generation" meant? xD

wftjet: It's funny in the first few measures you can hear some of the audience is clapping on the "off beat" but most are clapping on beat. Then after a bit everyone is clapping on beat.

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